I'm terrified of fasting. I really like food.

I'm completely embarrassed to say that I've tried to fast before and have failed. I know you aren't suppose to go bragging about fasting, but if I don't tell someone, I'll talk myself out of it. Easily. I'll find an excuse or convince myself it wasn't God's idea, it was a misunderstanding...yeah.

This article made me feel better (although I'm starting with 1 day...not 40).

Another helpful key is to fast when you're completely out of food. I've put off shopping for a while out of laziness but it is now a blessing. Nothing to tempt me. Even if I talked myself out of this, I would have to drive somewhere to eat anything (therefore giving me an opportunity to talk myself out of talking myself out).

I have lots to pray about today. It's been a hard month.


Tracy Langgle said...

I know this is something I need to make more a part of my walk as well, many years ago I used to fast some...not any more and prayer lacks as well. Thanks for bringing the subject up, maybe it will encourage me to fast as well. It is hard when other people in the house want to eat...LOL. :)