More pictures and updates...


 1. I "modeled" for the Art-O-Mat at the Museum...

2. This is a bit late but it was very exciting. :)

3. At 11:11 11/11/11 PM I was at an amazing concert. Here was my favorite till the end (although it was much better in person).

4. The Education Dept has started a "quote of the day" series on Facebook & has been updating it with fun stories...

5. Last week was "Secret Santa" at work. Here's what I gave as gifts (to Adam, the Curator):

      day 1. Skull cookies

day 2. Paper ornament:

day 3. Paper Frankenstein 

day 4. a mini coloring book and mustache crayons & the final gift was a skeleton/skull kit. Good times.

6. The gifts from my "Secret Santa" (aka Matt) were awesome as well... each day I got a few Harry Potter Lego pieces.
Here's the final product!
The Forbidden Forest™

That's all for now. :)



Education Dept. Photo-op.


Merry Christmastime!!!