1. Charis got a horse.

2. Natalie got to spend Thanksgiving and a few days with my family & me in Mims.

3. Anna Rose likes to take pictures of herself...

4. Charis was "babysitting" a parrot...Natalie taught it to dance.
(Charis is trying to teach me how to add music to this video but we're having trouble...)

Job description.


We've updated the PMoA's website. The outreach page now has photos and descriptions of each program! Woohoo! It's very neat. 
Click here to see it! :)

(We also have a new Executive Director. It's kind of a big deal. :)

Anna Rose.


She's lost her front two top teeth. Can we talk about how darn cute she is???

Photo Name.

Taught a girlscouts workshop today. Here's what we did...



Yeah...this week hasn't been much better. And it's only Tuesday. I've bitten 3 of my nails off. They hurt. Tomorrow I'm taking the GKT (General Knowledge Test). Awesome.
I'm going home this weekend. I need my momma.



Last week literally started and ending with important discussions about friendship. In very different ways but equally exhausting.

This weeks photos.


Rearranged furniture (with fancy vintage table:)

New family members! Wilma and Fresco!!!