Yesterday was the first day of decent weather...and I got a cold. :(
I took Zicam every 3 hrs and I'm feeling better than yesterday but still not great.
So I haven't done much this weekend. I've slept more than I've been awake and when I've been awake I haven't had much energy.

Here's some things that have kept me occupied...

1. Draw A Stick Man
2. Music. (The Avett Brothers, The Civil Wars, Adele, etc.)
3. Window shopping.
4. Eating (chicken noodle soup and slurpees).
5. Pinterest.
6. Watched the latest Parks and Recreation episode.
7. Cut a bunch of coupons. (I've joined a fancy couponing class:)
8. Read some of  a Van Gogh biography.


Tracy Langgle said...

Sorry you were not feeling well but glad you occupied yourself well!! Hope you keep up with the coupons better than me, lol!! We miss you here and in Talli!!