I really like these days.
This morning was a bit dull because Matt and Letty were out sick and Ellen didn't come in til afternoon.
But I had a lovely talk with our sweet and quiet intern, to learn more about her and it turns out she's pretty impressive.

I also taught Afterschool Art (second week) and once again LOVED it. I was worried that after the first class attendence would drop but it didn't. They like me. :) It was so fun to hear the kids tell me about their art (which they'd bring up to show me). And I got a lot of hugs, which is precious.

So I finished up the art class, heated up my soup and headed to the class next door for Ceramics!

I ended up leaving class early because I wasn't feeling well (leftover cold stuff). But then talked with Ellen for the next hour. It was really nice. We talked about church, Jesus, boys, and current annoyances. Good stuff.