Family Halloween Day.


Pictures from PMoA's Family Halloween Day!

Hanging out with Copper.
She was a bat and I was an owl. :)

 Here's the rest of my outfit...

Mr. & Mrs. Frankenstein <3

Spooky Decor :)

Fun stuff. 
I'm exhausted.

Fall, Weddings, & Pumpkins.




Here's what you've missed.

My church had a "Build-a-bear" night where everyone made a stuffed animal to give to kids at the hospital. Here's what Matt and I came up with...

Mr. Whale. Yes, he has a top hat.

I'm officially a couponer!
I saved $27 last time I bought groceries.

New best friend. Copper. She visits me at work sometimes. Be jealous.

Not pictured:

Current obsession with Legos...
Legoland is opening tomorrow 20 min. away from me. I'm jealous of all the kids that get to go...

Current addiction to cookie dough. It's all I want to eat.



I really like these days.
This morning was a bit dull because Matt and Letty were out sick and Ellen didn't come in til afternoon.
But I had a lovely talk with our sweet and quiet intern, to learn more about her and it turns out she's pretty impressive.

I also taught Afterschool Art (second week) and once again LOVED it. I was worried that after the first class attendence would drop but it didn't. They like me. :) It was so fun to hear the kids tell me about their art (which they'd bring up to show me). And I got a lot of hugs, which is precious.

So I finished up the art class, heated up my soup and headed to the class next door for Ceramics!

I ended up leaving class early because I wasn't feeling well (leftover cold stuff). But then talked with Ellen for the next hour. It was really nice. We talked about church, Jesus, boys, and current annoyances. Good stuff.



Yesterday was the first day of decent weather...and I got a cold. :(
I took Zicam every 3 hrs and I'm feeling better than yesterday but still not great.
So I haven't done much this weekend. I've slept more than I've been awake and when I've been awake I haven't had much energy.

Here's some things that have kept me occupied...

1. Draw A Stick Man
2. Music. (The Avett Brothers, The Civil Wars, Adele, etc.)
3. Window shopping.
4. Eating (chicken noodle soup and slurpees).
5. Pinterest.
6. Watched the latest Parks and Recreation episode.
7. Cut a bunch of coupons. (I've joined a fancy couponing class:)
8. Read some of  a Van Gogh biography.