This is awesome. And made me cry a bit. :)

Happy Weekend.

I've had a lovely weekend. 
Used my Kohl's coupon and got 2 pairs of pants.
Got (amazing) Indian food.
Painted and hung my teacup shelf.
Watched The Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill.
Worked on some art projects.
Practiced some harmonica.
Slept in and took a nap.
Baked cookies.
Went to lunch after church with friends. (Yes, I have friends!!!)
Started a new book-Found Art.

Oh Audrey.


Happy Film.

The happy film from Karim Zariffa on Vimeo.

The Wednesday List.


1. The art class at one of my outreach programs. :)
(I was super excited to write my name on the board.)

2. I saw Lion King in 3D...

3. Got a care package from my momma today.

4. Tomorrow I'm going to my first work conference (for Florida Art Museums). It's in Tampa and we'll get to go the the MOSI while we're there. (I'm going with Ellen and Matt.)

5. My house is slowly getting more organized.

Family Day (weekend).


This Saturday PMoA had their annual Family Day. My family was able to come so it was REALLY Family Day! Here's some pictures from our lake visit.

 I kept telling Charis how big the swans were. She didn't believe me. Now she does.

And for art and crafts.
New & improved silverware! :)

And had some fun with paint.
(I can't decide what to do next...any suggestions?)

9/11 & Fear.


The Resistance - Week 2 from Access Church on Vimeo.

Book Review.


1. The Hunger Games
Amazing. I loved all three in the series and could hardly put them down. I'm also quite excited about the movies.

2. Angry Conversations with God
A hard/intense read. Lots to think about. But pretty life changing. I highly recommend it.

just life.

Natalie and I stayed up past midnight both nights she was here. It was so nice to catch up and chat. I love friendship. 
After she left I had a mini-breakdown about things in life that aren't as happy. 
I visited Lake Morton today. Talked with God. And the geese. 
This weekend at church we were reminded that if we aren't having hard stuff happen through life, we probably aren't on the right track. That Satan's okay with what we're doing and doesn't bothers giving us crap. I suppose that's true. So I guess I'm doing okay. Because I'm getting some crap.

Now for some light cleaning, a glass of wine, and snuggling up with a book.

happy things.


Visit from Natalie!
New friends.
Dinosaur World.
3 Day weekend.

Nesting Dolls.


So cute! And they're measuring cups! I've been wanting these but then talked myself out of buying them (after reading a negative review). Thankfully, Anna Renee didn't read that review and gave them to me for my bday!!! Coincidence, I think not!

p.s. I'm pretty sure that review was just made up to keep me from buying them...they're perfect!