Life in Lakeland.


Well, this weekend & last two days have been EXHAUSTING. I moved from Tally to Lakeland.
Pretty much everything that could go wrong has. The truck broke down, Tally was completely out of UHauls, we got there so late we didn't have any help for the heavy stuff, we drove all through the rain to Lakeland and then things started looking a little better.
The neighbors helped us move in and invited us over for hot dogs and ice cream. They were so nice! I also met a bunch of the other neighbors who were equally as nice. :)

Tuesday my mom, April, and Anna came back to clean up and arrange everything. It went back to being aweful. There was a mix up and we didn't have electric. So we did as much as we could until dark then went shopping for house stuff. That night we tried to sleep inside but just dripped with sweat. The windows didn't have screens so bugs came in. April and I tried sleeping in the car but got eaten up by mosquitoes. I started to sleep outside but thought it might worry the neighbors if they saw me. Then once Anna started fussing (around midnight) and per my dad's suggestions, we got a hotel room.

The AC came on today around 1:00 and we've been LOVING it. The house is still a disaster and I have to leave (packed for Tallahassee and Chicago) tomorrow. I'm taking a break to work on's going well...


Tracy Langgle said...

OMG!! I am sooo sorry but very happy about nice neighbors!!!! Mosquitos will come and go but the neighbors live there!