1. I'm twenty-three. It's a big number.
2. Starbucks sent me a birthday coupon, so I got a venti mocha coconut frap this morning.
3. Created alien pictures in art camp this morning and filled up a wall with our outer space art.
4. Decorated cupcakes with the kids.
5. birthday nap.
6. Birthday nails.
7. Crepe Vine. (true. love.)
8. Birthday crown coloring contest!
9. Re-enacting 5th bday picture. : D
10. Cauble boys:)
11. Friday=birthday continued.
12. Friendship.
13. Colored pencil earrings!
14. Lunch at Cabos.
15. Wakulla Springs! :)
16. Boat tour. (smile for nature)
17. New favorite bird-Common Moorhen (candy corn beak & sings like a monkey).
18. Manatee!
19. Fifteen foot jump into the spring! woohoo:)
20. Swimming.
21. Fermentation Lounge._____________.
22. Chocolate chip cookie ice cream sandwiches.
23. So far 23 has been lovely. I'm still scared of this age.


Kaylie said...

Happy birthday Kristen! I think 23 is a great age. It does feel big, but I think I'm more scared of 24. For some reason 23, like all other odd numbers, is such a nice number. It's good to see that you're enjoying it so far! :)