HP Facts.


1. HP7pt.2 was AMAZING. Seriously the best one. SO GOOD.
2. bawled through the whole movie.
3. plan on seeing it maybe 2 more times in theater.
4. dressed up like Professor Trelawney.

5. went with a group to see the movie. 
We arrived 4.5 hours before it started, got great seats (although not all together-sad), and had a lovely time.

6. had a Potter Party before the movie--played HP Clue and ate Butterbeer cupcakes.

7. got new tires a few days ago and specifically ejected the HP tape I had been listening to and turned off the radio before I left my car. When I returned and turned my car on, HP was playing and it was not where I stopped it. I hope the Goodyear employees enjoyed themselves.


Kaylie said...

I love your Prof. Trelawny costume! And that's a great story about your hp tape being listened to. It made me laugh!

Tracy Langgle said...