Life Update.


Job: check!
House: check!

Now for the move. 
I'm terrified. 
Some things are heavy & some people are grouchy...


1. I'm twenty-three. It's a big number.
2. Starbucks sent me a birthday coupon, so I got a venti mocha coconut frap this morning.
3. Created alien pictures in art camp this morning and filled up a wall with our outer space art.
4. Decorated cupcakes with the kids.
5. birthday nap.
6. Birthday nails.
7. Crepe Vine. (true. love.)
8. Birthday crown coloring contest!
9. Re-enacting 5th bday picture. : D
10. Cauble boys:)
11. Friday=birthday continued.
12. Friendship.
13. Colored pencil earrings!
14. Lunch at Cabos.
15. Wakulla Springs! :)
16. Boat tour. (smile for nature)
17. New favorite bird-Common Moorhen (candy corn beak & sings like a monkey).
18. Manatee!
19. Fifteen foot jump into the spring! woohoo:)
20. Swimming.
21. Fermentation Lounge._____________.
22. Chocolate chip cookie ice cream sandwiches.
23. So far 23 has been lovely. I'm still scared of this age.

HP Facts.


1. HP7pt.2 was AMAZING. Seriously the best one. SO GOOD.
2. bawled through the whole movie.
3. plan on seeing it maybe 2 more times in theater.
4. dressed up like Professor Trelawney.

5. went with a group to see the movie. 
We arrived 4.5 hours before it started, got great seats (although not all together-sad), and had a lovely time.

6. had a Potter Party before the movie--played HP Clue and ate Butterbeer cupcakes.

7. got new tires a few days ago and specifically ejected the HP tape I had been listening to and turned off the radio before I left my car. When I returned and turned my car on, HP was playing and it was not where I stopped it. I hope the Goodyear employees enjoyed themselves.

Museum Educator.


Well...I got my dream job.

Museum Educator at the Polk Museum of Art.


So I'll be moving to Lakeland in August and beginning this exciting new part of my life.

About the museum:
It's a non-profit and has a bigger/better outreach program than any other museum I applied for (as well as many of the big museums). They provide art classes at the museum which I will be overseeing. I will be going out into the community teaching art to teen parents, adults with disabilities, kids in a low-income neighborhood, etc. 

Here's their website if you're interested. :D

"A World of Art".


And art camp continues...



Nature Center.