I'm officially a welder. 
I'm taking Sculpture I this summer and today we began with welding basics. It's awesome and terrifying all at the same time...

Here's what I learned. You wear long pants, sturdy shoes, a fireproof jacket, bulky gloves, and super dark sunglasses/goggles, and then hold, turn, and twist lots of little, expensive pieces.

As far as the blow torch, you have to turn the red knob first, then the green one--which isn't actually green but it doesn't really matter because you can't see color through the goggles. Then once you've sparked the flame and adjusted the gas you heat the metal rod until it's orange. (This orange you can see because the goggles help you see fire and death.) 

And while I am one of the smallest people in the class, the instructor did tell me "calm down beast" when I was lifting a lever to bend the metal...awesome.


Tracy Langgle said...

This is soo cool!!