Dirt, Camels, and Emotional Breakdowns.


I knocked over one of my flower pots. The dirt & all my little sprouts landed in a pile on the floor. It was the straw that broke the camels back. I fell apart. Long week. Sad day. 
I'm gonna take a shower.

Laundromat Project.


How cool is this???!! 
Dream Job!

The Laundromat Project from The Quotidian on Vimeo.




Spring Pretties.

Good finds on Etsy.
Click on the image for the shop.
And Enjoy.

Death by Pollen.


Tallahassee is beautiful this time of year...however my head feels like it's going to explode. The pollen is awful.
Here are some suggestions I've found to help with pollen allergies:

1. Stay indoors. (The weather is beautiful)
2. Eat yogurt. (I try...but, bleh.)

More Helpful:
1. Add the herbs burdock, dandelion and echinacea to your diet.
2. Add more vitamin C to your diet.
3. Try eating some flax seed or take some fish oil pills. Fax seed and fish oil helps rids the body of toxins.
4. Try foods with omega-3 fatty acids. (Found in fish, eggs, flaxseed, and walnuts)
5. Use local honey. Local honey will contain small doses of local pollen, which can help your body build up immunity to the pollen and provide a remedy for allergies.
6. Pollen is strongest in the morning until around 10am. So keep the windows closed until then.
7. Wash sheets and pillow cases often.
8. Take a shower at night.
9. Eat bananas to get added vitamins and nutrients like potassium to help fight off allergies.
10. Drink water.

Spring break '11.

I'm back from my lovely trip to Mims for Spring Break. Here's some pictures. :)

 Riding around Rocklege Gardens. My momma bought me some herbs and a red pepper plant! :)
Anna Rose is walking all around and getting so big!
 Charis and I took a trip to get some fresh Mims orange juice. 

 To conclude the trip, Charis took me on the "Riverboat Charis"...which I called "U.S.S. Terrifying" but then turned into "U. S. S. Ridiculous". 

Here's some videos of our journey...enjoy.



Meet the latest addition to my adopted family!
 Fuller Edmondson. Isn't he adorable?!



It's been a busy past few days. 
  • Thursday Jenna and Emilie came over.
  • Friday we road-tripped to Atlanta for a John Mark McMillan concert.
  • Before the concert we went to Red Top Mountain and The Varsity.
  • We stayed the night at my mom's best friend's house.
  • Came home for a wedding Saturday.
  • Sunday, I went to first service (set up my photo display) then headed home to Mims.

Spring Break!

CORRECTION: Jennie is one of my mom's best friends...



I think I've found Narnia.



This makes my heart giddy.
unfortunately it's only playing at a sketch theater on April, 8. You can go here to see if it's playing near you.



Dear Reader,
It's a good thing I don't have a boyfried. Because I would make him take me to see this. Possibly multiple times. And I would cry each time.

I am so excited.



Here's a group photo from the Family Art Day event. (Crossbridge volunteers and Oak Ridge staff)

Anna Renee.


Happy (belated) birthday to the lovely Anna Renee!

Love her!

Family Art Day.

Cuh-razy day yesterday.

This semester with my Crossbridge internship, I've been working on a community event at an elementary school. Famliy Art Day. It took place yesterday.

The families rotated through 3 different art stations and make little art projects together. Some of the students' art work was on display in the media center for the families to enjoy. We ended the evening with appetizers from Earth Fare and 14 door prizes of craft kits for the students and 2 publix gift cards for the adults.

3 months of planning 1 night event. I was so excited but breathing-into-a-brown-bag-stressed. The day before I found out how many students turned in their "I am attending" slip and we had almost 3 times the number of students we originally expected. Then we lost 3 volunteers.

None the less, the event was a huge success. We had 117 kids and parents and 10 volunteers. The families really seemed to enjoy it and the faculty members were excited as well.

Here are a few pictures, I might upload some more later. :)

(These 2 are pre-event photos...very clean.)

Welcoming the families:)

Brought to you by the number...


  • 1 half eaten pickle found in the elementary school media center.
  • 2 revised documents.
  • 3 rescheduled meetings.
  • 4 episodes of Arrested Development.
  • 6 flower sprouts.
  • 7 sticky notes filled with reminders.
  • 13 craft kits donated.
  • 16 emails sent.
  • 20 paper trees cut out.
  • 23 students in afterschool art class.
  • 25 elementary portraits and landscapes displayed.
  • 85 envelopes stuffed, sealed, and mailed.
All on 1 cup of coffee.