another list.


Tomorrow I'm heading back to Tally.
I'm sad because the break's over and I'm leaving my family. But excited to start my internship and be back with friends.

The break has been really nice. And pretty busy.
I'll post pictures soon, here are some of the things I did:

worked at Studio Plus
went to the Christmas Eve chili party
spent time with my very favorite grandma
pet a one-eyed horse
got a margarita with my mom
played, played, played with Anna Rose
went on our annual Christmas shopping outing with the Jordan family
had dinner and made gingerbread cookies with the Jordans
watched Tangled with the siblings (April, Charis, and Jacob:)
ate breakfast with an old friend
had a campfire with friends
went thrifting with Anna Renee
had family movie and game nights
went to Brianna Cornish's 5th bday party

good stuff.

p.s. Hopefully, writing about what goes on in my life doesn't bore you, but honestly, I mostly blog for me. I love being able to look back through the past couple years of my life and see what I was up to. Yes, I'd like to have comments and followers, but it's the process of writing, thinking, and remembering that is the best. :)