End of the semester.


Eeeeeeee. My last final is tomorrow morning. I'm so worried. I didn't do very well on my midterm, which makes this test even more crucial. oh boy. Art history is hard. And super boring. I wish I liked it...I like the idea of it. But honestly, I really don't care about Doryphoros of Polykeitos the spear bearer, or how an amphora was correctly used, or why the Medusa is an apotropaic (although I do like that word) device...it's just boring.

however, here are some happy things:
1. I've sold 2 items from etsy recently
2. we had a mini-Christmas palooza yesterday:)
3. I went (for the 1st time) to the Festival of lights/Christmas parade in Tally
4. The museum show/lithography final went very well:)
5. I've been getting stuff ready for my internship in the spring!

Pictures still to come:)