Christmas break, where are you?


Longest. Week. Ever.
This was my last week of school (I have 1 final next Thur. and then I'll be completely done) and it was a crazy one. I had 2 presentations (one was to shrink my 5 day lesson plan into 30 minutes and teach it to my class...), 2 portfolios due (basically gathering everything I've done over the semester for my two art ed. classes-which was exhausting), a paper due, I tried to make another litho print, but once again...failed miserably (although this time it was due to the fact that we're basically out of everything important in the lab and the department wouldn't buy us any more.) AND my printmaking final is a museum exhibit that my class put on (I will never look at a museum the same way again).

My room is a disaster. I haven't seen my roomie in years. And all I've eaten this week is salad and sandwiches.

I did get a nap though, yesterday...and today I'm going out to eat with my community group girls. Next week will be filled with lots of studying for my scary art history exam, but other than that...nothing. Which sounds nice.