Christmas time.


I'm home for the holidays:)
Nothing too interesting has happened. Just having family time and working at Studio Plus. I have ALMOST all of my Christmas shopping done. I've been enjoying Christmas movie, music, and cookies. And have enjoyed looking at the Chrsitmas story from different perspectives (Mary, Joseph, Herod, the Shepards, the Magi).

I love this beautiful time of year.

oh Christmas tree.

cute. cute. kitchen.


happy home.


cute camping.




These are a few of my favorite things.


 New polaroid camera!!! It's so beautiful...
Best pens ever.

 Mason Jars:)



Someday I want to have a great dane...

so cute!

Ice Castle.


If I were a penguin, I'd live here.

(Take as much as you need).




Today elizabeth graduates!!! Woohoo! :D

Merry Chirstmastime!!!






New favorite blog!

Goodbye school, hello Christmas time.


I'm out of school for a whole month! No more grades or school stress for a while. :)
Now just pictures to update you:

(Did I mention we went to Epcot the last time I was home? Well we did. It was very last minute...well to me anyway. (My family volunteered and got free tickets) Oh, and we FOUND $100 sitting on the seat of a ride! No one reported it missing, so we got to buy food with it!:)

My dad was chosen out of the crowd to be the king in a roadside skit...
 He got a prize for his acting skills! "That's my dad!!!"

 That lizard looks like her doesn't it ;)
 April-a damsel in distress...
more pictures of recent adventures coming soon :)

End of the semester.


Eeeeeeee. My last final is tomorrow morning. I'm so worried. I didn't do very well on my midterm, which makes this test even more crucial. oh boy. Art history is hard. And super boring. I wish I liked it...I like the idea of it. But honestly, I really don't care about Doryphoros of Polykeitos the spear bearer, or how an amphora was correctly used, or why the Medusa is an apotropaic (although I do like that word)'s just boring.

however, here are some happy things:
1. I've sold 2 items from etsy recently
2. we had a mini-Christmas palooza yesterday:)
3. I went (for the 1st time) to the Festival of lights/Christmas parade in Tally
4. The museum show/lithography final went very well:)
5. I've been getting stuff ready for my internship in the spring!

Pictures still to come:)

Depraved Indifference.


"What you do unto the least of these is how you're ultimately treating your God."

Christmas break, where are you?


Longest. Week. Ever.
This was my last week of school (I have 1 final next Thur. and then I'll be completely done) and it was a crazy one. I had 2 presentations (one was to shrink my 5 day lesson plan into 30 minutes and teach it to my class...), 2 portfolios due (basically gathering everything I've done over the semester for my two art ed. classes-which was exhausting), a paper due, I tried to make another litho print, but once again...failed miserably (although this time it was due to the fact that we're basically out of everything important in the lab and the department wouldn't buy us any more.) AND my printmaking final is a museum exhibit that my class put on (I will never look at a museum the same way again).

My room is a disaster. I haven't seen my roomie in years. And all I've eaten this week is salad and sandwiches.

I did get a nap though, yesterday...and today I'm going out to eat with my community group girls. Next week will be filled with lots of studying for my scary art history exam, but other than that...nothing. Which sounds nice.