1. I don't know why my blog won't update on people's pages. This make me sad.
2. My house is making odd noises.
3.I should be banned from Thrifting...
4. I can't get over how precious Anna Rose is. (I just spent the last few days at home squeezing her as much as possible.)
5. I downloaded a free trial of Photoshop CS5 so I could work on a photo for my printmaking class...I'm in love, but I'll stick with Photoshop Elements.
6. Here's more info about the 5K fundraiser: http://aleksas5k.blogspot.com/
7. The Help=good book
8. Tomorrow I will be spending a lot of time at a coffee shop with homework. (It has piled up since I haven't been to my two art ed. classes in a few weeks, (because of teaching in the middle school) and now all of a sudden it seems like everything's due.)