This weekend I was reminded of my interest in India. I really want to go there.

Even when I was younger I loved it--I read a book about Amy Carmichael that I think first inspired this love.

In 5th(?) grade my family and I (homeschoolers:) did a whole unit on Inida. We went to my mom's co-worker's house and ate Indian food and tried on clothes. Everything was so and exciting--the food was strong and the clothes so colorful. We even participated in a homeschool "Geography Fair" where each family picked a country, dressed up in traditional clothing, provided information, and served the cultural food (Super fun).

Later in (public) highschool, one of my good friends was from India. When we first met (in 9th grade) she didn't speak great English, but through the years became extremely fluent. I went to her house a couple times and talked with her about her religion a little.

My sophomore year in college, I took a World Religions class and learned about the Hindu religion, which is most prevelent in India.

Then this weekend, (at Jenna and Emilie's church) the subject of Dalits came up. (for more information about this check out elizabeth's blog!)

Looking back at all of this make me think I really need to go.


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And oh my how cute you all are, look at little Charis!!