Teaching art.


Today I dressed like a grown up. A teacher to be more specific.
With good reason. I am spending the next few weeks at a middle school instead of my art ed. classes.


I also LOVE 6th grade and HATE 8th grade.

I'm with a group of three other girls and we're starting off my observing the art classes but next week we're gonna start teaching our own lessons! Eeee. My lesson was picked as one we'll be teaching (which is exciting, because that means it was good, but annoying because I have to do a lot more work...ha).

The teacher we're with is amazing. She's been there over 20 years and knows what she's doing. I'm gonna take pictures of the cool things in her room. While this may not excite you, I love it. (Last year, my observation group and I got SUPER excited because the art teacher had a crayon sharpener...nerdy, yes.)