moss graffiti part 2.


1. find a secret place.

2. paint on a wall. 

3. let it GROW(haha)
(and don't make that face)

 4. be friends (and ignore your hair).

5. Don't step on snakes (just take pictures:).


Lindsey said...

Is that a water moccasin?!? It looks like one.

Oh and your moss graffiti is super cool, what a cute idea!

kristen said...

I think so! (I came home and looked it up, haha)

thanks! hopefully it will work...

Lindsey said...

We had a baby moccasin in our pool not too long ago. [it's the only reason I knew what one looked like haha]

I'd love to see the pictures if it works out okay. =]

BurchCo said...

Did it grow?