Pumpkin Palooza.


While nothing can quite compare with Pumpkin Palooza of '09,
last nights 2nd annual P.P. went pretty well.

 Michael and elizabeth carved HP

Natalie used translucent beads to create the constellations

Dan carved a bird/old man and Tabitha carved a pretty flower

 Here's my owl

 Harry Potter!

 Pretty Pumpkins :)



We are turning into our mothers. Thankfully we love them.

Florida Fall.


while it may be 90 degrees outside, there are some Fall like things happening.




We have a llama in Mims affectionately called Tina (possibly only by my family).
We always slow down as we drive by and yell "Tina you fat lard!" (Well, my dad tends to get it wrong and call her a "big lug"...)

Today my mom called me and yelled "The fat lard had a baby!!!" She and my sisters proceeded to squeal for the next 2 minutes.

I miss my family.

moss graffiti part 2.


1. find a secret place.

2. paint on a wall. 

3. let it GROW(haha)
(and don't make that face)

 4. be friends (and ignore your hair).

5. Don't step on snakes (just take pictures:).




Haiti has the best stars. I miss it.

image found here.

Our Saturday Night.


This evening elizabeth and I watched a movie and when it was over we were ready for bed.

The only problem was...it was only 7:30.

We were determined to come up with SOMETHING to do. Here's what we came up with. :)


we made a fall wreath!

Next, We started making "moss paint" for moss graffiti!

Here are the steps:
1. find moss.
2. dig/scratch it up.

3. Wash
 4. blend moss, 2 cups plain yogurt, 1/2 teaspoon sugar, 2 cups water, and some corn syrup
 5. Ready for paintin' tomorrow!

Step 6 will be to paint. The paint should grow, creating a moss/mold design. (we'll let you know how that part goes:)

For the full directions you can click here.

oh pandas.

new oceans.




“Genius is more often found in a cracked pot than in a whole one.”
— E. B. White

this makes me feel better...

Aleksa Faith.



"The best remedy for those who are afraid, lonely or unhappy is to go outside, somewhere where they can be quiet, alone with the heavens, nature and God. Because only then does one feel that all is as it should be and that God wishes to see people happy, amidst the simple beauty of nature.”
— Anne Frank

(me being a crazy person.)

Teaching art.


Today I dressed like a grown up. A teacher to be more specific.
With good reason. I am spending the next few weeks at a middle school instead of my art ed. classes.


I also LOVE 6th grade and HATE 8th grade.

I'm with a group of three other girls and we're starting off my observing the art classes but next week we're gonna start teaching our own lessons! Eeee. My lesson was picked as one we'll be teaching (which is exciting, because that means it was good, but annoying because I have to do a lot more work...ha).

The teacher we're with is amazing. She's been there over 20 years and knows what she's doing. I'm gonna take pictures of the cool things in her room. While this may not excite you, I love it. (Last year, my observation group and I got SUPER excited because the art teacher had a crayon sharpener...nerdy, yes.)


I have an amazing sister. And she has an amazing mission. Here's a letter from her that will explain what she's doing.

(April Joy being kissed by one of my other amazing sisters, Anna Rose:)

Dear brother or sister in Christ,

My name is April Holland, I am 17 years old and I live in Mims, I am
also a Christian. I have recently decided to help the Cornish family who is
in need of a lot of prayer and money. I was not sure how I could help them,
but I believe God has showed me where I’m supposed to be and what to do. I
believe it is to organize a 5K fundraiser. Meanwhile, I believe God wants
me to go to different churches and youth groups all over Titusville etc. and
share about this family and ask others to pray for them and ask them for

The Cornish family I am trying to help is a great Christian family
who has taught me a lot over my life. Their family has reached out to
others as well as me. They adopted 3 children with a disability, namely
Down syndrome. They already had a little boy named Kristopher (age 6) and
a little girl named Brianna who happens to have down syndrome (age 4) and
another cute girl named Lynae (age 1). Two of the three they adopted whose
names are Micah (age 4) and Emma (age 7) were from an orphanage in Ukraine.
And the other sweet heart was from the USA whose name is James (age 4).
They now have recently planned to adopt another little boy soon that they're
going to name Wesley (age 5) who also has special needs and is from Ukraine.
Also this situation touches my heart because I have a little sister who
happens to have Down syndrome.

What I need prayer about is that before the Cornish’s adopted the 2
children from Ukraine, they tried to adopt a little girl named Aleksa who
was 5 years old, had brown hair and happened to have Down syndrome. Sadly, they
were never able to adopt her because at around age 5 the kids with
intellectual disabilities get transferred to a mental institution. The
director of the institution did not allow the little girl to get adopted by
this family because he didn’t know why anyone would want her, so he thought
she would be better off in an institution than a family. This little girl
has been in a not-so- good institution for about 2 ½ to 3 years.

Only by God’s grace, a missionary that was visiting an institution
in Ukraine saw this little girl, she was alive! The person had heard of a
family (the Cornish’s) who has already adopted other children with
disabilities. The person then told the director of the institution about
this family who has already adopted and would love to adopt the girl. He
never said if he would or would not allow them to adopt her, but he said
that he would talk to them about her if they came.

This crisis with the Cornish family is in need of a lot of
prayer,-prayer for the little girl, prayer for the Cornish family and prayer
for the director, that he would have a change of heart, and let this little
girl go live with a family who will love her.

I also ask that you will allow me to come to your church and tell
others about this story and ask them to help and help me gather money for
this little brown haired girl who is now around 8 who is without a family to
help her.

April Holland

If you would like to donate money to help the Cornish family in their adoption journey, PLEASE let me know. You can also follow their blog and learn about their beautiful family here: http://cornishadoptionjourney.blogspot.com/



I miss painting/drawing. I was looking at some old sketches from my drawing 1 class and was reminded of some good times. :) While I complained about all the still lifes and copying the masters, I enjoy seeing where I was and how I've improved.

(These were all done in class and had time limitations...)
 (It looks like she's holding an animal...I think she's sewing)
 (This woman just looks scary.)
 (haha, I don't know what this was suppose to be.)

I need to draw more.

7. things that make me happy.


1. Not going to class on a Thursday (typically a very long day). (My class was canceled because of an art educators conference in Orlando that my teacher and some of my classmates are attending.)

2. Jesus time :)


(p.s. Blogger does NOT make me happy... I've been trying to get rid of this space and get the formatting right for the past 15 minutes...I give up)
4. Manatees:

5. Puzzles:) We're almost there!

6. Narwhals: via: Etsy

7. nerdy glasses.
(I bought them for my "Spooky Science Night" costume: Science nerd:)

So many outfits, so little time...


I would like to assign people halloween costumes and help them create them.

OH, and I have an idea for my sisters and I... russian nesting dolls! We'd all dress the same (scarf over our hair, apron/skirt, circle of blush...) and stand in order of tallest (April) to shortest (Anna Rose). Now I'm super sad not to be going home for Halloween...we might have to dress up sometime just for fun. (I'll post the pictures when we do:)