oh goodness. A lot's happened in the last two weeks. Let's see...

-the Harty girls came to visit (which was wonderful:)
-I'm approved and ready for 2 amazing internships next semster! I can't wait.
-school is exhausting...so I might not make it to next semester.
-I'm going to be leading a community group with elizabeth soon.
-parking at school has been ridiculous.
-Someone backed into my car in the parking garage. It was annoying but nothing was hurt.
-school, school, school.
-homework, homework, homework.
-I got a 100% on my first quiz in Greek art history.
-I have a very favorite place on campus that I visit twice a week.

That's all I can think of now...well see when I get around to blogging next. I'll try to do better :)


Tracy Langgle said...

Where is your very favorite place on campus??

kristen said...

well, it's my favorite inside spot...the small corner booth at a little coffee shop at the front of campus :)

Tracy Langgle said...

awesome how fun. you should take a cool photo for future memories. Even e could take a cool one of you. Documenting the journey ya know!!