more Joy.


As you've already seen, I've been learning about Joy. I didn't understand how you could truly be Joyful/happy through(not necessarily about) all parts of life. I've been constantly praying that God would help me find it. That I would be able to be Joyful even when school makes me want to cry. That I would have a peace and feel happy even when I'm working on mounds of homework. I didn't think it was possible. And while I know I'll continue to fail and have to be retaught this lesson...for now, I've found Joy.

I realized it as I sat on my bed and started writing a paper for my art history class. I wrote 50 words and then got excited and thought "yes! I can do this. Only 950 words to go!" and I was serious. I was excited inside. I felt Joy.

Pray continually. Seek Jesus. He'll bring you Joy.


elizabeth Langgle: said...

like. like. like.

Anna said...

AMEN! I love that you had a victory with your paper.

Aaaannnddd....for some reason your blog has not been showing up updated on my page. This is problematic. :(