1st day.


Today is my first day of my senior year of college and elizabeth's first day at her internship! woohoo :)

Here's a picture from the first day of kindergarten! Look how little we were :)

Question for you.


Dear Reader,
I need some help. Since I've changed my blog address, some of my readers are having a hard time finding me... Is there a way I can redirect them here???



I'm home sweet home (mims) for a little more for a week. I'm happy to get to spend some time with the fam. I'll try to keep you updated with what we've been up to:)

Happy Saturday.


eeeeee. I'm so excited to be done with my summer class. No more studying. No more packing. It's a happy time. Right now I'm at a coffee shop drinking a small vanilla latte (mmm). Yesterday I read The Martyr Song and the day before that I read a book by Sophe Kinsella. I went to the library yesterday and raced around like a crazy person because it was about to close. I grabbed some random books but upon closer inspection I decided that they weren't for me. I have a bunch of books on hold but I'm 23rd in line...

Today I plan on running some errands then making some pillows for our cute, new couch.

work in progress.


So updating a blog while not having your own internet* is not ideal. Just sayin.

*We've been...using(stealing) our neighbors and elizabeth gets it fine, but I only sometimes get it IF I sit in elizabeth's bed. She suggested I try the bathtub...I think she's sick of me being in her bed.



Today is the last day of "Random Art of Kindness".
I've kinda been off the art track and more on the life(etc.) track. So basically, I'm just chaning the name and the look. The content should be about the same.
Here we go. :)