Happy birthdayness
my birthday was July 21st...I'm now 22:) here's what I did:

1. saw toy story III in 3D with Natalie! Then lunch and presents :)

2. received a voicemail from mom, dad, and anna rose singing happy birthday.

3. got another happy birthday voicemail from april joy and charis michelle .

4. a third birthday song from my 2nd family!

5. a 4th (and final) birthday song from Anna Renee :)

6. opened a birthday card from my sweet penpal, Kathryn :)

7. reveived a 'birthday in a box!' (care package from the family: balloon, party favors, mini cakes with a candle, etc.)

8. received a birthday/party hat from Emma at group.

9. the ice-breaker in group was to say "I am awesome because _____". I filled in the blank with "it's my birthday." :)

10. went out for ice cream at cold stone with Mike and Natalie.



elizabeth Langgle: said...

wow. we haven't changed that much :) happy birthday bestest friend. i love you mucho.

Tracy Langgle said...

Ok well I guess you to were afraid of not being noticed and being the rule breakers ...LOL.... you are - you stood on your chairs!! It had to be around K5 because Mrs. Rudisill taught your friend to do that. :)