My family is vacationing without me. They're heading out today, driving up to Indiana and Illinois. They'll make a stop at a friend's house in GA then continue up the states for our annual family reunion. My stupid stupid summer class is making me unable to go with. I'm sad. I love family vacations.

Since I can't go this year, I thought I'd post some pictures from last year and tell you what I'm missing.

All growing up Grandma Speciale's house has been one of my favorite places in the world. She has flower garden's (plural) and a big vegetable garden, a huge yard full of soft grass, and a cozy house full of memories as well as new things to discover.

The mulberry tree.

When we were little we'd eat the berries by the handfuls...not even noticing the tiny white bugs that cover them. yum...

We used to fit at least 4 kids in here and have one of the grown ups take us for a ride.
Grandma's the day lilly lady of her town. (And many other towns)
p.s. Illinois smells the best.
(quote by mom: "Well, it sure smells better than here. Florida just smells like mold.")
p.p.s. These photos are brought to you by April Joy. :)


cloudSMILE said...

Looking at your photos, I thought about my family in Missouri. Most of what you talked about is a lot like my childhood/vacations there ): ahhh, I'm missing it too!

Tracy Langgle said...

I have always wondered what Grandma Speciale's house looked like. How beautiful and peaceful.

It will always be in your heart!1