wed. list.


1. I can't stop eating chocolate chips.

2. I've been collecting stuff for Haiti (ziplock bags, gatorade, wet wipes, etc...things we'll be using there) It's coming up soon and I'm super excited. :)

3. Today I went in search of the 6th Harry Potter book. I went to 5 thrift stores (found the 5th book for a quarter), 2 used bookstores, Borders, Target, and ended up buying it at Walmart.

4. I might be in love with a boy named Ronald Weasley.

5. I'm turning my first summer assignment in tomorrow. It was a super easy formal analysis of a work of art...I can handle this.

6. I need some new recipes...I don't know what to cook anymore.

7. Maybe I'll just live off of chocolate chips.

8. I've gone 4 days without biting my nails!!!

9. I'm going camping next weekend...if anyone knows any amazing camping snacks/recipes to share let me know. :)


Tracy Langgle said...

Is No. 4 a joke??? Or not??

Kristen said...

Well, he's from...a book. But I do love him. :)