1. This week I got book 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7 of the Harry Potter series for a total of $18.75.

2. I also got a large suitcase for Haiti for $11.oo.

3. And a pair of jeans for $2.00.

4. I love thrift stores.

5. Today I washed and cleaned my car, picked up my anti-malaria pills for Haiti, worked a little on an art project, and found a recipe for curry chicken (which I plan on making tonight...maybe).

...6. I'm really homesick. Today is the first day of U-Pick at the blueberry farm. I'm sad I can't be there. I miss blueberries, but mostly I miss my famliy. I've been trying to stay busy to distract myself from this silly homesickness I'm experiencing.

7. I have lots of reading to do...