Meet Charis.


She is my sister. I like her. Pictured below in camo garb, scarf aka "imitation rope", survival bag, and know, everyday necessities

Charis with a pig foot...she has a knack for finding interesting things.

yep, she's one of my faves. She was farm sitting for some neighbors and sent me picture from her "farm adventure". I thought I'd share because she makes me happy.

"Jake, king of the turf"

Sheep- cutie?

Charis and Cowboy the pig.


besties. Charis and Billy the Goat.

Dear Charis,
I love you . You are a weirdo. Thanks for keeping us entertained. Good luck finding a capybara. I hope someday you get your tattoo of a potato. Thanks for having interesting scars and good stories to go along with them.
Love, Kristen
and to my readers ( as Charis would say) "Happy trails!"


Tracy Langgle said...

Charis is one of our favorites too!!!
Recognize that pig foot!!!
Happy Trails.

Love Mrs. Tracy

Sarah said...

One of my favorite memories is playing store with Charis and our little plastic cash register. When this tiny little girl picked up the "intercom" and said "Prune juice spill on aisle 7!", I knew I loved her.

Tracy Langgle said...

We did fail to mention that thanks to the contents of Charis' said survival bag, we were able to save a bat on our GeoCashing adventure!!!