1. I have random thoughts that cannot be confined into normal sentences or paragraphs.

2. I am sick. And sick of being sick. I checked my posts from a year ago and found that I was sick for a while then too. (see here). I blame this time of year.

3. I called my mom and had a small emotional breakdown today.

4. My mom told me to go buy cough drops, zicam, and soup.

5. Then she said "but cough drops aren't your savior and neither am I, so lets pray."

6. I love her.

7. It's pretty easy to tell when a person doesn't feel well physically. She can tell when I don't feel well emotionally.

8. I cleaned my room today. Threw away a lot of tissues. Opened up the window to let the germs out. Hid in my bed because it's freezing.

9. I really want to watch Where the Wild Things Are. And I want to see the movie Adam. It looks good.

10. I want to upload my pictures but my computer isn't working.

11. I hate Comcast. With a fiery passion.

12. It's Anna Renee's birthday in 30 minutes!

13. I have eaten so much today. It's ridiculous.

14. I'm still hungry.

15. I'm very ready for spring break.

16. And the smell of Ocean Potion Lotion.

17. And 7/11 slurpees.

18. And Louis's BBQ.

19. I really want my hair to be long.

20. I really want to get my hair cut short (see here .

21. Are lip rings really bad for your mouth?

22. Not that I'm thinking of getting a lip ring...

23. Yesterday I flipped 3 eggs beautifully.

24. I'm on a search for ginger ale cough drops.

25. I am observing at an elementary school tomorrow.

26. I LOVE kids.

27. Last week Freddie drew a picture of me.

28. I hope it's not too cold tomorrow.

29. I'm wearing a dress.

30. I don't think I'm suppose to wear jeans there.

31. I've worn jeans twice.

32. You probably don't care about half the stuff I'm writing in this list.

33. I'm ok with that.