don't worry. I'm back.


Yesterday was a crazy day. I almost skipped my class. I was in bed and thinking about turning my alarm off and sleeping in. Then I decided not to, jumped out of bed and got ready. I went to class and (yes, during the lecture) made a to do list. I got EVERYTHING (and then some) done on my list.

I haven't been this productive in months.

It was crazy. I cleaned the house, swept the floors (with a six inch broom since our normal one broke)*, washed/dryed/put away dishes, cleaned my room, rearranged my room**, cleaned the fridge, cleaned the bathroom, took out three bags of trash, washed my sheets, washed towles, washed rags, put away the valentines decorations, worked on Cascades stuff***, worked on homework, and started writing a paper.

If you weren't this productive yesterday, don't feel bad. The day before that I barely got out of bed (seriously).

And today I'm back. I only have 3 goals for today.
1. finish Cascades stuff***
2. finish paper
3. pack

so far...
1. I've written 1 paragraph.
2. sent a couple emails about Cascades stuff.
3. eaten lunch.

Yep. Yesterday was nice.

*elizabeth, I know. I know. But you can really sweep when you get back. :)
**I'm not sure I like it, but it's ok for now.
***I'm in charge of an Easter basket project with my church...probably more to come.