3 more things.


dear printmaking,
you exhaust me.

I've been working on two projects in my printmaking class. I have (almost) never missed/skipped class and work hard while I'm there and still I've been going in extra. Last weekend I went in twice to finish my project. Then I went in Monday night from 5-9:30. It was due Tuesday so I went in early to finish-finish it. FINALLY. I'm done. I turned it in. I'm glad that's over. However, I am covered in crazy colors. Yesterday my arms looked bruised. I still have some red marks. My fingers and nails look black but upon closer inspection they are quite colorful.

2. speaking of being covered in crazy colors...

(You've probably seen this before...everyone seems to be obsessed with it)
I now plan on changing my major to "creating crazy music videos". That sounds perfect.

3. It's my dear friend Anna Renee's birthday today! Head on over to her blog to send her birthday wishes. :)