The Tea Challenge.


I am determined to like tea. I have a few of reasons.

1. I collect tea cups.
2. Wouldn't it be fun to welcome people into your house by saying "come in, would you like a cup of tea?" ?
3. Tea kettles are cute and fun.
4. I don't like coffee...tea is an alternative.

Thus my tea challenge begins. I went to Target and bought a sampler pack of (fruit) teas....

Tea: Country Peach Passion
Tea Cup: from Anthropology (amazing was $6)
Thoughts while steeping: smells like a thick, orange medicine I took when I was little.
Thoughts from first sip: Disgusting.
Next step: add (a lot of) soy milk.
Results: better.
Next step: add (about a tablespoon of) sugar.
Results: Delicious!

I know, I know. But I am easing myself into this whole tea thing.


Danielle said...

I have the same problem! I disllike coffee and have a hard time drinking most teas. You hould try Tazo's Passion tea. It's a beautiful fuschia and its fruity & flowery in taste :) good luck!

A.R.Williams said...

That's a pretty picture of the pink tea cup next to the teal surface. Very you. :)