Some days I can't form sentences. Today is one of those days. It's been a long week and it's only Tuesday. I've skipped 2 classes this week. I have a test Thursday. Need chocolate.

ok, I'll just make a list of interesting things that have happened since I last wrote...

1. went home for Valentine's Day (weekend).
2. drove with elizabeth and had some nice car talk.
(while home)
3. made my sisters tell me about any cute boys.
4. had an emotional breakdown in the Target parking lot with my mom (well, we were in the car...but many people walked past)
5. ate strawberry ice cream at the new place in Mims (can't remember what it's called).
6. went thrift store shopping with the whole family. many great finds.
7. had a tea party (minus the tea...I don't like it).
8. received valentine's chocolates from my dad and a pink snapdragon (Celia) from my mom.
(back to Tally)
9. the family found a bat in the house. The plan: blast music to make it come out of hiding. But actually, at night it came out on its own. They caught it.
10. found adorable pink cupcakes from ally.
11. received a Valentine's care package from my grandma's church. lots of delicious treats included.
12. skipped 2 classes.
13. made minestrone soup.
14. had a Lord of the Rings marathon...only made it through 1 1/2.
15. rode on the bus with elizabeth (this usually doesn't happen).
16. started writing a lesson plan for one of my classes. It will be for elementary students and it's about cave paintings.

...ok, back to the lesson plan.


Tracy Langgle said...

Kody's Kones...thank you very much!! Right next to Sanders Country Market and Amish Deli, yes sir!!