hair forecast.


I found out about this amazing website called Hair Forecast. Basically it tells you what the weather will be like where you live and it gives you a 1-10 rating on how the weather will afftect your hair. AND for every visit they get to the site, a donation is made to Blood:Water Mission for the 1000 wells project!

This website was created by a man who is married to a curly haired woman. When they were dating he was majoring in Meteorology in college. She would call him at work to ask what the weather would be like that day (to see if she should straighten or not). He came up with a formula for deciding how the weather would afftect ones hair and decided to share his secret with others.


Tracy Langgle said...

this is too fun and so cool that they are using it as a catalyst to give to Blood Water Mission for the 1000 wells project. I am just amazed at how God uses people in such creative ways to make such a difference in the world.

cute couple story as well
hee hee