oh family.


4 reasons I love my family...

1. While at a fancy dinner (at a blueberry convention) my mom leans over and says “Don’t worry, if Anna doesn’t like this food, I have meatloaf in my purse.”

2. Later while eating, my sisters and I start getting really excited about the delicious food...and passing/sharing our favorites with each other...we were sitting at a table with another family we didn't know. We got strange looks from them.

3. After leaving that fancy dinner we passed a “snack bar” where my sisters and I proceeded to stock up on granola bars, cute little boxes of tea, and then an orange each so I could teach them how to juggle. We crammed all of our treasures into my mom’s purse.

4. My sisters and I ended the fancy evening my jumping on the hotel bed.


Tracy Langgle said...

i love your family as well, for all the weirdness and wonderfulness. Is that OK to say, coming from me quite humorous in fact.... :)