So, Friday night I went contra dancing.
I know. I'm very surprised and proud of myself. This was definitely out of my comfort zone.
I was also very surprised that I loved it. However, every good night should have an awkward story. This is a good one.

Christina #1 : I’m going to dance with Mike, John you can dance with Kristen.

(Christina #1 and Mike walk away…John and I start to walk to the dance floor)

John: Uggggggggggggggggg. Do you really want to dance? (keep in mind, everything he says sounds angry.)

Kristen: um, yes…do you not want to?

John: I REALLY don’t want to. Christina made me come.

Kristen: Have you never done this before?

John: No, I’ve done it. I just don’t want to.

Kristen: ok…well, we don’t have to dance.

Christina #2 (walks toward us)

John: here comes your friend…Why don’t you dance with her. *

Christina #2: What’s going on?

Kristen: He doesn’t want to dance with me.

John: It’s not you. I just don’t want to dance.

Christina #2: What? Didn’t you pay to come here?

John: Yes, I paid and danced once and I’m… (walks away)

(Christina #2 and I turn down a couple creepy old men and sit this dance out. The next dance John has a dancing partner and is contra-ing.)

End scene.

yeah. I love my life.
But really, contra was fun. I'll do it again.

*This sentence could use a question mark...but he didn't say it like a question.


Tracy Langgle said...

Ok ...well first what is this about, i shall have to google contra dancing but do tell.....

Second.. Oh my goodness, what kind of interaction was that?? Gotta love people who do not know what to do with social situations!!!

Glad you are bigger than people's blunders!!

You know what I mean.. :)

Tracy Langgle said...


Ok, I looked it up...FUN. I know your room mate can do this and would enjoy it. Get her to go some time... :)