"camping" and Pig Fest.


This weekend in pictures...
It was too cold for real camping so we camped in the living room.
This included: tent building, pancakes shaped like animals(etc.), jiffy pop(corn), campfire wallpaper on the computer, nature soundtrack, and crazy friends.

While "camping" we decided that we would go to Pig Fest the next day...here's the pictures from that:

did I mention I love friendship?


Tracy Langgle said...

I am loving Natalie "warming" her hands by the fire...too funny! Looks like ya'll had fun!! Yay for indoor camping.The only thing missing is a wild bunny running through the sleeping bags. ha ha

I still do not know how ya'll are staying warm, we are freezing here.

Love me

Pig Day??? Why Not??? LOL

Tracy Langgle said...

PS what a great pic of you, Nat and that "other" girl :)

Matthew said...

Yeah, i am famous, i made your blog!!!