Yesterday elizabeth and I made a cake. from scratch. It was surprisingly easy. I've never made a cake before (other than the kind from the box). We also made cool-whip frosting...this was a little more challenging only because our first attempt at this didn't go very well. We started with soy milk to make pudding and evidently you can't do that. It never turned into normal pudding; it was very runny. I almost had an emotional breakdown because I couldn't make instant pudding. I thought there was something wrong with me. There are three directions for instant pudding. 1. put powder in bowl 2. add milk 3. stir...when this doesn't work, you know you're in trouble. However, after talking with my mom, we decided that it wasn't me, it was the soy milk. Anyways, I then had to run to publix and get another box of pudding and some real milk. (this was our sweet snack for community and we were cutting it close on time.) The cake (whom you may call Betsy) was beautiful and delicious (if I do say so myself) and we got to use my cake stand for the first time (thrift store find!).


p.s. our kitchen was a disaster after this little escapade and I was in my room studying for a quiz (thinking I would come out later to clean) but then fell asleep forgetting to do so. This morning I woke up to a BEAUTIFUL kitchen. I have a great roomie. Thanks elizabeth, I will do the dishes next time...and clean up before I leave this weekend. :)


Tracy Langgle said...

What a nice room mate you have!!!