Happy October 1st!!! It's been super nice outside this week and I love it. :)

Well, October (as you may remember from last year) is Down Syndrome Awareness Month! So, I will (try to) write everyday this month and include something about Ds. :) Next weekend I'm going with my family to the annual Buddy Walk.* If you are interested in sponsoring my family (even just a couple dollars) let me know!

The Cornish Adoption Journey blog is doing the same thing (Ds Awareness month and the Buddy Walk) and they had a really good explanation of Ds... so I copied it. :)

"Non-disjunction, or regular T21 accounts for a majority of cases of Ds. I think the number is around 95%. A typical person has 46 chromosomes, which are found in 23 pairs. With T21 there are three (trisomy) of the 21st chromosome. In regular plain old T21 the person has three 21's in every cell of their body. There is no "mild case" or "severe case" of T21, because it is in every cell. It's actually an over-abundance of information that is sent to the body, not missing info. T21 is not a hereditary disorder- it's not handed down in families. It is an anomoly that occurrs during conception, or even is carried within the egg or sperm. Something neat I learned recently is that people with T21 tend not to get cancers other than Leukemia. Researchers are studying the 21st chromosome to see if they can find the cure for cancer!"
you can find out more about the other 2 kinds of Ds or read about the Cornish's journey here.

*The Buddy Walk is "to promote acceptance and inclusion of people with Down syndrome."


Meredith said...

Yay, See you next Saturday :) Hey- and I need to remember to tell your mom when we get together soon, but they're doing a "Young Athletes" thing through the Special Olympics at the YMCA on Saturdays, 2-3ish (it's 30 min but I think starts at 2:15?) starting Oct 10. It's FREE :) And Jeannette from the children's center had told us about it. We went to the open house and the kids had fun! We'll be going as often as we can. It's 20+ weeks long I think. All 4 of my kids (not the baby LOL) are able to be a part of it. Maybe she wants to give it a try with Anna?