Lets try this again.


Recently I haven't been able to form enough words to blog. I've gotten on several times in attempt to post something new...but after minutes of trying I always gave up. I think I got in over my head with the 31 for 21. When I couldn't find something perfect to write about I got a little discouraged...then I couldn't find anything to say. I also had to take down my last post about Reece's Rainbow angel warriors because I didn't realize but I can't post pictures/blog about the child I'm praying for. After I found that out I immediately deleted my post. That was kind of silly because there was a lot of good information on it about the program...I should have just edited it. (That was onther thing I tried to (re)post about and gave up.) oh well. *
In other news...

Here's what you've been missing:

Pumpkin Palooza (and new friends:) This definately qualifies as College Adventure #8!
Fall Festival treats

lots of art projects

(black and white fan-inverse)
(prints from printmaking)

(my second project in Drawing 2 (I got an A!!!) It's about patience/waiting)

That's all for now...hopefully I'll start blogging more (especially since tomorrow's November(!) and I want to post my thankful things:)

*A quick overview of what I'm doing with Reeces Rainbow: I signed up to be a prayer warrior. Which basically means I am given the information about a child (with Down syndrome in another country) who is in the process of being adopted and I pray specifically for that child. While people can donate money to Reece's Rainbow, there is also an option of donating prayers (well, that's not exactly how they put it, but you get the idea:). You can sign up to do this as well here :)


Tracy Langgle said...

Your drawings are wonderful!! Jacob and I really enjoyed them.

Kristen said...

Thanks! :)