Week ratings.


Monday - enough said...

Tuesday - worst day of the week...I'm at school from 9-7:45 (and I hate my last class).

Wednesday - after Tuesday anything seems good (even an 8 'o clock class) and there's group.

Thursday - my friday (so, best school day of the week).

Friday - my saturday (no class). Love.

Saturday - the real one...definately a good day.

Sunday - I haven't always been a fan of Sundays-usually, with Sunday there's the "pre-monday" symptoms, but I'm starting to really like them.


Sarah said...

finally a complete break down! i'm sorry that your tuesdays are the worst days though because tuesdays have always been my favorite and it makes me a little sad that not every one enjoys them like i do. HOWEVER having a bad tuesday is totally made up by having a three day weekend every weekend! rock on!!