reader's suggestions.


What would make my blog better?

and how do I get more followers ? (not that it's about the numbers)... but really.

suggestions? comments?


elizabeth Langgle: said...

dear kristen,
you're blog is amazing. I love everything about it. You are my inspiration. for life. thank you for all you do.

elizabeth Langgle: said...

dear kristen,
stay off my computer.

Tracy Langgle said...

Ok..First of all ...your blog is great. It is at times reminiscent, at times educational, at times thought provoking. It many times allows you to share your loves. Many times it is random, which is you. "There is no place for reality in your life" ha ha
Secondly, many people who read or follow it probably just do not do all the extras for instance list themselves as a followers or leave comments. For instance, Mr. M, your roommate's grandfather, loves reading your blog entries. He just isn't very good at commenting. I know many times people do not comment. I notice that on other blogs, I think WOW this is great why didn't "blank" leave a comment and I realize, it is not necessary. Remember it is a place to record your thoughts and then others can enjoy, indulge, and embrace a little bit of you and the One you represent. Blogs are not facebook so relax and enjoy your journaling, pondering, shared joys and random acts oops.. and art of kindness.

Meredith said...

Hey :) I don't comment often and I 'clump read' every week... or two... but I enjoy it! :)

Kristen said...