more adventures.


College Adventure #6. I haven't had anything too exciting happen to me recently (well...anything that I want to write about)...but now I will continue the adventures.

Well, I can't remember what I've said about the church that I've been going to (or if I've said anything), but I really like it. It's a good size, I like the message, worship, etc. However, elizabeth and I didn't really know anyone.

So, we (elizabeth and "we" ususally means) signed up for their Community Group Extravaganza (in hopes of getting into a community group (aka, small group)*.

Then, that week I met a girl on the bus who goes to the same church! It was very exciting and we (this time including Ally :) had her over and roasted marshmallows over our new fire pit (well, tried...the wood was damp and we didn't have good flame results but we got a few smores in).

Anyway, elizabeth and I went to the Extravaganza and ended up deciding to "group shop" (so we signed up for 2 groups and will basically pick our favorite... (akward, yes).

So, (long story short) we have attended one group meeting (and went in knowing 2 people-the girl from the bus and another girl we met at the extravaganza and met a bunch of new people while there). And that is my adventure - community group. :)

*Funny fact: growing up may parents were always in a "family life group", then in junior high/high school I was in a "care group", then the first 2 years of college I was in a "small group", and now I'm in a "community group". Same concept. Different title.