Happy Fall.


Happy Fall!!!

I'm super excited about fall. I am looking forward to see a real season change...and will definitely need some new clothes.

p.s. look how little Charis is here! Now (although elizabeth might argue with me) she's in 8th grade!


Tracy Langgle said...

I thought she was in 7th as well. :)
Cute pick though!!
Sorry I could not find carmel apple wraps to send ya'll to celebrate first day of fall. Both Publixs are out. One lady said apple season is 3 weeks behind and that may affect when they buy them.... Whatever ..ha ha

Happy Fall!!!

Kristen said...

Aww, well thanks for the thought! That's so nice! :)

Tracy Langgle said...

Thanks for the response. Someone we both know and love does not very often!! :)

hee hee

PS i checked again today--no success

Tracy Langgle said...

checked for the carmel apple wraps that is....