A short overview of my week in pictures.


1. oh yes. The ice cream truck comes right by our house.
(we have a funny story along with this pictures...but I'll have to tell you later:)
2. My bedroom (view #1)
3. My bedroom (view #2)

4. Our living room
5. Our fridge...6. Our kitchen...

I need to take more pictures...(my art studio(!), our yard, other cute things about our new casa:)


Tracy Langgle said...

Your room looks so cute!! I love your little house and yard or should I say big really lots of rooms and lots of room outside. My parents are anxious for cute pics as well pass the word to the roomie and yet we have compassion knowing your comcast woes. I would love one of the fun bathroom inclding door with knob and the cabinet with pretty bowls. Keep looking up and smiling and laughter, it really is like medicine.

Love ya'll

Sarah said...

Love the pictures! More more more!!!!

sarah :)