Morning Conversation.


Me: do you realize how close we are to Alabama?
elizabeth: Yeah, it's a few hours away.
Me: (suddenly seized with an overwhelming urge to visit Alabama) elizabeth, can we Please take a trip there sometime?
elizabeth: Yeah, lets do it!
Me:oh boy!
elizabeth:let's do some research

the next half hour is spent online looking up various Alabamian(?) festivities. We're thinking about the Alabama National Fair ! (their "jingle" is amazing)

If anyone knows of any great places to go in Alabama let us know. :)


Tracy Langgle said...

I have no ideas yet but think it is a plan. Road trip ~ mini version!!! Go when it is cooler though, maybe with changing of leaves, and drive whatever car's air works for the time being!!! LOL

Have fun!!

Paul and Nancy McCormick said...

I know where there is a statue in honor of the Boll Weevil! Try Interprise, Alabama. It's not too far away.

Mrs. Nancy

Tracy Langgle said...

I saw in a Southern Living magazine that Burmingham, Alabama is a great place for fall trips. Made the top ten :) whatever that means... ha ha