care package.


Continuing the day of pictures...elizabeth and I got an AMAZING care package today!
I took they are:


thanks Terri!!! We love it!

(overdue) vacation pictures.

Well, I have 10 minutes before I leave for class and I was going though my computer files and came across some pictures from my family vacation. So here they are (very very late).
Sisters :)
where I plan on getting married...

colorful desserts.
Where are you from?
This sign makes me laugh.

what I miss.


dear dad,
I miss my farmer's tan.

dear mom,
I miss eating your food.

dear april,
I miss your skinny hugs.

dear charis,
I miss our funny conversations before bed.

anna rose,
I miss sitting on the kitchen floor eating scrambled eggs and ketchup with you.

dear bedroom,
I miss your wonderful A/C ventilation.
p.s. please wait for me and stay clean.

dear town,
I miss your smallness.

Love always,

oh yes.

I survived my first week at FSU.
Just thought you should know.




College Adventure #5. I took the campus bus. I was worried that I would miss my stop and I asked the bus driver if we would go passed/near my building and he said he didn't know where that was. great. So I got out my handy dandy little map and turned it around about 5 times until I found where (I thought) we were. I found my stop. And made it to my building. Unfortunatly, my class before that got out early which made me 3 hours early to my last class. oh well, better than late (plus, while waiting I finished my homework:)

Now for some more waiting...I have 55 minutes left. fun.

Inspirational Quote of the week.


"My eye is not on the density of the fog,
but on the living God,
who controls every circumstance of my life."
George Mueller

1st day of class.

And the College Adventures contunue...the actual school/class part of it isn't really exciting but must be included. So it becomes #4.

How to...


make Bunny Slippers!!!
you'll need: picture tutorial:

bunny slippers! (don't judge)

Seminole Sensation week. (pt.1)


This week is Seminole Sensation week! elizabeth and I got the schedule and highlighted many events we plan on hitting. Yesterday we went to Spin Art Frisbees and Mug-o-rama:) We dripped paint onto spinning frisbees (see pictures below) and we got a free mug from paint-a-pot and painted it (we'll pick them up wed. and take pictures).

This definately counts as College Adventure #3.

Morning Conversation.


Me: do you realize how close we are to Alabama?
elizabeth: Yeah, it's a few hours away.
Me: (suddenly seized with an overwhelming urge to visit Alabama) elizabeth, can we Please take a trip there sometime?
elizabeth: Yeah, lets do it!
Me:oh boy!
elizabeth:let's do some research

the next half hour is spent online looking up various Alabamian(?) festivities. We're thinking about the Alabama National Fair ! (their "jingle" is amazing)

If anyone knows of any great places to go in Alabama let us know. :)

not so fun.

College Adventure #2

Just a reminder of the realities of college life...


Anna Rose's 2nd day of preschool! :)

I love her.




did you notice my new buttons on the side of the screen?

Here's an easy way to make them:

college adventures.

I'm starting a new series... my college adventures


Moved to an adorable house in a new city. (more house pictures here :)

A short overview of my week in pictures.


1. oh yes. The ice cream truck comes right by our house.
(we have a funny story along with this pictures...but I'll have to tell you later:)
2. My bedroom (view #1)
3. My bedroom (view #2)

4. Our living room
5. Our fridge...6. Our kitchen...

I need to take more pictures...(my art studio(!), our yard, other cute things about our new casa:)