An overview of my vacation:

day 1: drove 8hrs...arrived at first stop-Georgia...went to see Night at the Museum 2
day 2: drove 11hrs during which we stopped in Tennessee and did not see Hannah Montana and celebrated Father's Day at Dairy Queen. Got to Grandma's house in Illinois.
day 3: Went to town go shopping with the family...Ate at the most amazing chinese restaurant...
day 4: Went with Grandma's cousin Margianne to The Nature Grove at Funks Grove...I also found where I want to get married. For lunch we ate at The Palms Cafe an original cafe on rt. 66 ( just re-opened). We did a little thrifting around town then found and old soda fountain (I got an orge ice cream soda--which was amazing)
day 5: Celebrated Grandma's birthday-ate strawberry shortcake and watched Anne of Green Gables
day 6: Left Grandma's house (and Grandma...she would come later) and drove to Turkey Run State Park in Indiana. (This is where our Family Reunion is every year but we got there a day early this time)
day 7: hung out (mostly read my book)...dinner with ALL(minus the 1st cousins) (and by all I mean all 80 famliy members)the family at 5:30...2 of the cousins got there after dinner
day 8: traditional breakfast buffet with the (1st) cousins at the lodge's restaurant...later went tubing with the same group (minus Mom, Anna, and Grandma)...played games with the 1st cousins and a 2nd/3rd? cousins...dinner at 5:30 with ALL the famliy
day 9: went on a trail with the 2 first cousins my age and 2nd or 3rd (who knows) cousins a little older and their dad (3rd uncle???) ... Lunch with ALL the pictures...left Turkey Run...went to the cousins house...out to eat for the twins' b-day...
day 10-12: hung out with the cousins
day 13: left the cousins ate lunch with Dad's aunt and uncle in Kentucky...Headed to Georgia
day 14: Did Atlanta touristy things: Coke Museum-The Varsity (F.O.s are my new favorite)-Stone Mountain lazer show...
day 15: drove 11 long hours home (watched "Mommy and Me" about 6 times because Anna Rose was sick and got what she wanted)

pictures to come...


Tracy Langgle said...

So on day 2, does that mean Hannah Montana was a possiblilty and you were denied this pleasure????..... and day 14 so what is a F.O.??

Kristen said...

Well, Hannah Montana is from Tenn and one never knows when she'll show up... and an F.O. is Frozen Orange its ilke a orange sherbet and vanilla ice cream milkshake...delicious. =]

Tracy Langgle said...